Thursday, November 29, 2012

Modeling steps for horse and rider test

Here are a few of the stages of progress on the horse and rider I made for the original concept for the "Timers" music video. It turned into more of a test and as you can see animating dudes on horses is something I need to work on. I made the armature from coat hanger wire, stripped electrical wiring and aluminum craft wire. I gave the horse body by wrapping it in Saran wrap and injecting it with expanding insulating foam. I used Van Aken clay for most everything except the gun and the rider's head which were made from sculpey and painted with acrylic. I mixed the colors for the horse by heating the clay in a pie pan on a diffuser over the stove. I tried it by hand first but it took too long. The horse eye was a wooden bead and the bridal was made from copper wire and black waxed hemp string.

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